The Gates of the Golden Monastary

Adventure part 2

The party walks into the lobby to notice three doors, one on each wall. All three are locked. In the middle of the room is a small indentation in the ground with staircases leading toca cauldron containing some type of liquid. Ishmir tries his hardest to tipp the cauldron but to no avail. Then Ciron steps up and tips it over using all of his strength. Out falls a key and the liquid. The key falls into the liquid which is making a sizzling noise. Elbric flings the key with his pinkey and as he touches the liquid his gauntlet on his pinkey dissolve, bit not his flesh. They take this key and proceed to the eastern door. In the next room they see some bunk beds and a podium containing what looks to be an egg on it. Ishmir grabs the egg and slowly becomes incased in ice. Meanwhile some dark adepts find them and start to attack. The party looks to be about defeated when the two adepts get instantly disintegrated. The necromancer they are looking for has saved them. He explains that he was on a 10 year trip and just got back to his tower being overrun. He promises to show the way to the monastery if they can rid the cult from his tower



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