The Gates of the Golden Monastary

The start of the adventure.

Four brave adventurers, Joe playing Eowyn the elven wizard, Andrew the dwarven cleric Elbric, Thad as the dwarven fighter Chiron, and David the human fighter Ishmir, all long time friends recieve a quest from a random man who came to their guild door dressed in full olden armor. The quest was to help him find the lost golden monastery which he lost his way from a month ago. Not fearing the dangers that lied ahead they accepted. They promptly bought supplies and headed east to the newly reborn necromancers tower, in hopes he knows how to get to the golden monastery. While traveling east they encounter an ape the size of a building, after two of their party is felled Ciron manages to cut the ape right in half. They stop to rest and lick their wounds. Shortly after arriving at the tower they notice the door was kicked in and it was dark inside. Ishmir the leader enters and the rest soon follows. When the las is in they are ambushed by two dark acolytes. They want no truce as they almost trick Ciron into a handshake trap. They were killed swiftly and the party starts to investigate the seemingly abandoned tower.



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